Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bad Time In My Past - Thirumadhi Selvam

Due to a problematic remote control, I had to watch a Tamil serial called "Thirumadi Selvam" for about 15 minutes. I have no words to describe about this junk one. But of course, no serial can come near the utter junk and a criminal offense serial called "Kolangal" which spams for years and years and which has seen many mega-serials' birth and death.

This is how 'Thirumadhi Selvam' went on that day I had to watch it.

A guy comes and asks his wife whether she had had her dinner. She says 'No' and asks him whether he had had it. He says 'No'. 'Aa Aaaa AAAAAAaaaaaa..... Vu Vuuu Vuuuuuuu...' etc. in the background suddenly... I got confused... why this music? it is just that he hadn't had his dinner... why in the hell such an elavu music for this? She looks at him for more than 2 minutes in this background music and after the full cycle is over, he says, 'come... we shall go and have dinner'

They go and have dinner. We have to see them having dinner for more than 3 minutes. Then, an old hag comes (his mother-in-law) and asks 'son, you are having dinner only now?' (what the dash... he is having it in front of her only... but she is asking the quesiton) and for the he replies 'Yes'. 'Aaa Aaaaaa AAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa' in a bass voice again and she was looking at him for more than 2 or 3 minutes in the music background.

At this point, I was about to throw the remote control and break it as it had made me watch this junk, to my surprise, the serial got over for that day!!!. What in the dash was that? Why would anyone watch it? I didn't know whether to appreciate the home makers to have such a great tolerance to watch these kind of bull shits. If everyone shows such tolerance towards real people, I think all the families will become an example of "ideal family" without any disputes.

God, save my people!

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Prabakar said...

what a BGM!?! that music will live longer..... but the people who listen to it?

Baski said...

Enjoy Madi
//If everyone shows such tolerance towards real people, I think all the families will become an example of "ideal family" without any disputes.//
That is true but tolerance is not coming in real life

Shinu said...

The first ever good,funny and enjoyable blog i've ever read.Too entertaining...Keep writing more like this..

amudhan said...

Ticket confirmed :)

Very True.. :(

Thank you... thank you... :D

Vijesh said...

I was in the saloon today and some serial was running in the background and my God! Today's whole episode went in the scene that the Mappilai wanted the santhi mugurtham to happen in some 5 start hotel suite.. this was the only thing that ran for one episode..

No wonder it will make ppl dumb..

amudhan said...

I think you are also referring to the same serial. This bull shit serial was doing something about a marriage during Diwali. Now only they are in 'Shanthi Mugoortham'. I think the real hero of the movie will be born for this couple who got married now and he will grow to be a good man and change the world after some decades. I don't know. Utter Bullshit!

Shan said...

Just for laughs... Too good...


amudhan said...

Thank you! :)

Sinduja said...

Hey.. how are you?? Long time... its been a while since I followed your posts.

While I totally agree with you on the lack of creativity and intellect in our mega serials,isnt 15 minutes is too quick to judge a serial? Ok, I am not here on behalf of the "serial watching thaikulam" :) but Thimathi selvam is a pretty decent serial compared to many other junk. According to the story, the guy and his wife have been working under enormous pressures for the family without undue credit. This could be a reason for the background music where they show him skipping/delaying dinner... as acknowledgement to his neglect of himself to work so much.

Lol.. I cant believe I am supporting a mega serial here...but seriously, this one is doing a fair job on being bearable!!

amudhan said...

I am fine. Thanks! Actually I got to know about the situation, but hide it to make the post dramatic ;) No offense meant to the viewers of the serial. Even my sister and mom watch it and they support this serial. If it is a better one, let it live long! We can only hope that, they don't make it junk later :(