Sunday, January 03, 2010

A Story

[This post is not advisable for everyone because of mild sensuality in the content. Readers discretion is required.]

It has been more than a week. The guy had to go out of station for an office trip. He didn't feel or think that it would be painful to be apart from his love, at the beginning. After all, it is not like they have fallen in love recently and that every second, or every minute would seem like hell if he is not with her. Also, it does not mean that he does not care about her. It is something not ordinary people would understand.

It was not easy for him to find her. He had a lot of criteria and preferences. But out of nowhere she came into his life and snap they are made for each other. He had no preferences as to the color, height, weight, etc. After all, external factors matter only for few months (they say) and he knew that. It is the internal beauty he was looking for.

Their idea of romance and love is simply seeing each other with eyes receiving love, touching and feeling each other, and singing together. It does not mean that they don't have fight at all. If she is not responding to him, he gets mad and beats her, but believe me, it wont hurt her and he knew that thoroughly. He would immediately feel sorry and will beat himself, as though it would make her happy, but only to see that she pleads him to stop beating himself. Such love which is scarce existed between them.

During the time they were not together, he would think of her and feel that she was also thinking of him. They didn't need an electronic instrument to talk to each other. He would dial in his mind "my love" and immediately get the answer "I have been counting the seconds to receive this call, my love" from her. Whenever the breeze which touched her came and touched him, he would unconsciously close his eyes, look slightly upwards with palms clutching each other and take a deep breathe. He felt her presence then.

Anyhow, the ordeal was over. He had returned from the trip. He was thoroughly excited when he was opening the door. He didn't make any sound and he wanted to be utterly silent. He knew that she would know if he comes and when he comes. Yet, he would not expect her to run to the door and throw herself over him and kiss him. She was silently waiting in his bedroom. He quietly removed his shoes went into the bedroom. She was still silent. He undressed her, a single touch and she was turned on and he started fondling her.

Without any disruption or distortion or any stumbling, she sang the Fur Elise piece of music in the exact rhythm he wanted to play. Then he tried the other pieces which he knew and everything just flew beautifully. Wow, that one week gap did not make him forget his favorite pieces of music and he had not lost his touch with the music keyboard.


vijay said...

amazingly superb story amu... I thought this one had the right amount of buildup among all of yours. well written.
I got the intentional or the unintentional clue when I read "She was silently waiting in his bedroom", instead of "She was silently waiting in their bedroom". Even this was very much at end of the story.

amudhan said...

Thanks Vijay. You must (and will) know that you are my inspiration in writing stories. Even the romance and love part of it was greatly inspired by your *flying cat* story, honestly. I put myself in the flying cat story hero (you) to write the *During the time...* paragraph :)

It was an intentional clue (his bedroom) only ;) glad that you noticed it.

Janarthanan said...

Super story..

amudhan said...

Thanks machan :)

Jency said...

en indha kolaveri? story eludharen pervazhinu romba yosikaadheenga, nimhans la sethuda poranga....ha ha ha! BTW good buildup aka storytelling :D

Prabakar said...

mudiyala... so it is a real story then....

amudhan said...

:) thanks! BTW, what do you mean by nimhans?

hehe... could be... or we can consider that it is inspired by a real story ;)

Sathyan said...

really it has Vijay touch ... good story Amudhan .. .

amudhan said...

Yes na... As I had told in my previous stories and even in the comments section of the blog, I got inspired by Vijay to write stories. Thanks for your comment na :)

Jency said...

nimhans is the famous mental hospital in bangalore :P

amudhan said...

hehe.. I will make sure that I wont go to that state ;)

Sindu said...

Whens the next post coming??

amudhan said...

Like this one? I don't know... all of my stories are inspired by things happening around me... if something happens, it will be here very soon :)

[pssttt... my next post is scheduled for tomorrow (3rd Feb 9 AM IST)... a little secret :) ]