Thursday, December 31, 2009


I don't know when I became like that, but in recent years, I really lost the sense and taste of wishing New Year or Pongal or Birthday or Ramjan or Deepavali or Christmas, etc. What do we give or what do we get by uttering "Wish You A Happy *"? I don't know. Hmm... thinking deeply, I can deduce the following as the reasons.
  • Having seen a lot of advertisement simply telling "Happy Bull Shit"
  • Having seen a lot of people faking hearty wishes when they actually don't give a shit
  • Lost the actual interest in any of the festivals and birthdays
  • Getting a lot of spam mails sent for 100s or 1000s in BCC via a pre-created group, without even knowing who are all the people present in the group.
When I started seeing festivals as the reason for people to do heavy shopping and simply watching TV, I lost hope in that. All we need is an excuse to spend and shop. When the festivals were scarce, it was okay, but now, the consumerism has gone to such an extent that every month will have some festival or some day brothers day, sisters day, fathers day, mothers day, lovers days, atchaya-thrithi, aadi-month, kaarthigai-month, etc. hmm...

But it is not that I don't want to wish people good luck on special day for them. I would like to wish my friends a happy birthday or a happy anniversary day (if they are happy ;)). But, new year, or pongal, or etc. I lost interest.

But anyhow, I have to be a Roman when I am in Rome. For my friends, I wish them good luck in the coming year! I don't want to say the stereotypical "Wish You A Happy New Year". Have fun and enjoy!


vijay said...

Wish You A Happy New Year

amudhan said...

:) Vijay, I can understand your sense of humour from this simple statement. Thanks! Wish you the same :)

Prabakar said...

i was getting lots of sms'es yesterday. i had to sit and delete everyone of them and i damn didn't send back any messages. but today morning, i sent to couple of people who are near the place where i'm now. anyhow, regardless of whether we got bored of things or not, or people wish genuinely or not, festivals are designed to create the joy inside you and spread it.... if we can't be the source of the joy, lets sit and relax.

amudhan said...

Do you think people really become happy on festivals? There is always something left, something unfilled, something not-fully-satisfied. I don't know. I am NOT saying that I have never been happy, but festivals don't always make people happy. IMHO.

Sindu said...

Happiness is energy and it is contagious. When you see/hear a lot of messages on a day that speak words like "happy", "new", "best wishes", "great", "prosperous" ... I think subconsciously, there is a positive boost. You might not feel it but it definitely is an upward spirit in the air. Though, you might not mean it, festivals are a great oppurtunity to indulge in positive and vibrant colours, words and pictures. True, no one instantly becomes happy on one magical day called new year...but no harm hoping for it! :)


P.S Try shouting it aloud - you will definitely feel more positive!! :D

amudhan said...

Happiness is contagious. Great. I agree. (I think) What I meant was, the recent trend of consumerism has made the festivals meaningless and brings angst, sorrow, jealousy, etc. to more people. People are made to believe that the only way to be happy is to do shopping and more shopping than the neighbors and festivals are reasons to do that. That is what (I think) I don't like about festivals. Of course, when a true friend comes to you smiling and giving a handshake and wishing you a Happy ; that is joy, that is happiness, that is contagious. That is what I love about festivals or special days.

BTW, I didn't have to shout it aloud. By reading it itself, my spirits went high. Thank you and wish you the same!