Monday, December 14, 2009

Boys Vs Girls

[It is a cheap technique to have the title like this, I know, to attract audience (if at all there are any). But this is a genuine topic I wanted to blog about. This is just a conversation during a breakfast time with my colleague.]

"When I started learning swimming, there would be a lot of girls who would win me easily and I had felt ashamed", told my friend, during a chat about his victories in swimming competitions.
"But after you had mastered, you would have won them very easily right?", I asked.
"Yes, of course man"
"If there is a competition between a girl and a boy, both having the same level of practice and same age, who would win?"
"Obviously the boy, swimming needs a lot of muscular power which boys have more than girls"
"Hmm... I have always wondered, what is the sport or game or anything in which girls have more chances to beat boys?"
"Hmm... (thinking)"
"I think the world champions in carom are girls and that too from India and I think they are from south (no racist intention, but that was purely for information purpose and to prove that my guess would be approved to be right). Since carom does not need any physical power, I think they had won. But why not in chess? Why can't there be a woman world champion? Chess does not need physical strength..."
"Chess needs a lot of thinking, so women can't beat men"
"What? Why not? Is it that men or more intelligent than women"
"Not like that, but, Testosterone, a hormone required for mathematical calculation power, is present in men multiple times more than women" (Later we investigated about this aspect and found that this information is NOT correct. You can refer this link for more information)
"Hmm... too bad... Can you think of anything in which girls are better?... I think girls have more chances to be better in spirituality (completely my guess and could be 200% wrong)"
"Women are the best when it comes to counseling and consoling. Men don't stand a chance"
(by this time, we were done with our breakfast and we started to leave)
"So, is there anything in which you were beaten by a girl", my friend asked me.
"Hmm... during my school life when I was in co-education, I could never manage to get the first rank. It was always a girl who got the first rank"
(at this time, we both realized the fact)
"Man... how come we didn't think about this. Girls... they always beat boys in studies in school. Every year, the pass percentage, the top scorer, everything, girls would top", told my friend and was happy to have found a valid answer.
"It is because, boys spend most of the times thinking about girls rather than the studies :)", I told (in a completely funny note).
Laughing, we both went to start our work!


Sinduja said...

Haha... I shouldnt be saying this as someone from the women's clan ,but as someone who teaches in a co-educational school, I have to say that girls beat boys at School not because they are naturally more intelligent or something... but because they probably take responsibilities more seriously and spend a greater time at home. Boys on the other hand ( apart from thiking of girls ;) )also play more, go out more and have an overall higher "street-smartness"

Yet, this is not to say that men are better and more intelligent. It all depends on how we define intelligence... When nature created, she dint think of "success" as winning a carrom match or getting more percentage in board exam. We were programmed for survival and we have 50% share each of the skills of survival. Leave a boy and girl in a tough emotional crisis, and I bet the girl will handle it more maturely.

There are many more male mathematicians, airplane pilots, bush guides, mechanical engineers, architects and race car drivers than female ones.

On the other hand, women are better than men in human relations, recognizing emotional overtones in others and in language, emotional and artistic expressiveness, esthetic appreciation, verbal language and carrying out detailed and pre-planned tasks.

By gene, men were the "builders" and women the "nurturers"... both are necessary.

amudhan said...

First of all, thank you for such an amazing and useful comment. You know what? This was what my friend told me. Women are better in counseling and nursing (he told that, though there could be a men experts in medical field, when it comes to nursing and counseling, women are best).

When you told about artistic expressiveness and all, I was able to easily appreciate that, as I have seen my sister giving so much of importance in choosing the color of the clips to be used to hang the wet clothes to get dry and other minute details. Carrying-out detailed and pre-planned tasks: yes, I always rely on my sister to pack things when I travel. Your last but one paragraph defines my sister, but whether it will define most (or all) of the women, I don't know.

On a similar topic, you can see this link:

Once again, thanks for sharing your thoughts! I hope that you understand that I meant no offense to women when I wrote this post and this comment :)

Sinduja said...

Of course not... it is such a great idea for a post! Do write more often!! And also do keep some movie reviews coming as well :)

amudhan said...

Thanks! I will do my best to write more and also in my movie blog.

Prabakar said...

Well.... I love your comments though... because of that color clip thing ;-) [Not because you referred my blog :)]

To comment on your blog, well all the analysis came out from the blog and the comments by Sinduja can be summed in one line in my humble opinion; which is " 'The degree of anomaly in thinking' is more in women than men".

amudhan said...

:) I leave your humble opinion for others to comment ;)

Sinduja said...

@ Prabakar: Huh?! Why do men always talk so vaguely ;)

Prabakar said...

Haha.... may be because we understood women finally :)

Gunasekaran said...

Don't read this if you don't want to waste your time:

This question can never be resolved .It is like which came first 'egg' or chicken' ?But again ,it may be resolved,you see,egg came first,because amoeba looks like egg.

Let me conclude:Women are like moon.Men are like sun. Moon is better because it gives light when it is dark.Sun is not good because it gives light when we don't need it in the daytime.

amudhan said...

Dont know what to say really :)

Don't say you understand women. Not even for a joke. :) There is a big joke which means that even God can't understand them. Of course, I am telling this on a funny note.

@Mr. Gunasekaran:
Everytime, I read that, it means more... what? Women are like moon... does that mean they are beautiful... you never know what is behind their beauty... They help (console) when it is dark (you are sad)... And men are like Sun... they are arrogant... they tend to destroy things... They will abandon you when you need them... In that sense, it was like women are better species... but it could also be interpretted as, Women can't shine without men (moon without sun)... And men (sun) are responsible for livings in the world... etc...

it could be taken in both ways... but, this post was NOT an argument for who is better... but it was to discuss/find sports/games/anything in which girls have equal chances to win against boys...

So, lets stop thinking about who-is-better aspect. I think even to think like that is despicable...

BTW, I and a friend found that women are better in recreational bicycling and in synchronous swimming...