Sunday, December 27, 2009

Pleae Take Your Seat - A Flashback!

"Please take your seat" said the VP of SBOA HSS and nervously, immediately and moronically I sat on the only seat available and that is one of the most foolish things I have ever done in my life which I can never forget. I was very nervous on that day. It was an interview with the school officials and I was extremely afraid about that.

Having been in a Tamil medium school from 6th to 10th in a very small village and having absolutely no knowledge in English, even studying in Tanjavur or Trichy freaked me out. But I wanted to study in English medium as I thought that would help me have a smooth college life. But Chennai? and that too one of the most reputed schools? I was not ready.

I mugged up the first lesson in Physics fully and I studied a bit in all other subjects also. I had my cousin teaching me. I was ready to answer any 2 marks questions they may ask :). On that interview day, I and my father went to that school. Oh boy... never seen such a big school. My fear reached the maximum.

"What would they ask me? and what should I answer?", I asked my dad (of course, in Tamil). He told me some simple questions they may ask and some simple answer I should deliver. Every moment when I was inside the campus, it lost hope. Even small kids were talking in English. "I am dead", I thought. Finally, my interview was going to start. I and my father went inside the room.

"Please take your seat", said the VP.
"No... not you... Your father!", said another staff who was in there. At the same speed I sat, I stood up and gave the seat to my father. This thing always use to haunt me. 'Why was I so stupid and lame and pathetic?' This was just a beginning. I have done even more amazing comedy in the first few days of my school life.

But, why am I writing this? Because one of my friends had asked me specifically to write things which would humiliate me, and I didn't want to disappoint one of the very few living beings in the world who reads my blog, and so, I am posting this.


prabakaran C said... still thinking , that u have written something,that will humiliate u?.. Give us something else, this is not enough :)

amudhan said...

@Prabakaran C
:) Please wait Praba... more comes later blogs.

Prabakar said...

i am glad to read this, because, we never discussed your school life much and it was a gray area for me.... something to learn about you then.... :)

amudhan said...

Let the gray thing be gray forever :) just kidding... I will surely write about them.

Gunasekaran said...

That was your first day.But many months later when your father attended a Parent-Teacher meeting your English teacher was metioning about an English coaching class in the evening into which several students were enrolled and when your father asked whether she had enrolled Amudhan in that class, she said," No, no, Amudhan doesn't need english coaching. His English grammar knowledge is good."(poor lady). And when your father mentioned that you were from a Tamil medium school she was surprised and nobody in your class knew about it.

amudhan said...

@Everyone other than Mr. Gunasekaran:
It is not me who had written this in my father's name :) The last comment was a news (a surprise news) for me too.