Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Well, I thought the word 'masochist' means the people who enjoy being in an unpleasant situations, but googling gave me a complete different meaning for that word. I have to tell that this post is completely in an asexual context. I want to start the post with a simple incidence which happened some time ago.

My friend had asked me to give him a lift to get a doctor's appointment for his wife. We went to the hospital and got to know that the day's quota was over and that we would have to go back the next day. So, we started back and on the way, after a minute or so, he told me, "Let me tell you what will happen when I tell this (quota over and should go back the next day) to my wife. The moment I tell this, she will get irritated and shout at me 'Why didn't call me and tell me that? I would have told about other doctors or about medicines, etc.'.

There was a slight pride in his face that he knew what would happen and that his theory would be proved right. I stopped the bike and told him, 'If you are so sure that it will happen, why not call your wife and tell her that the quota is over?'. He was momentarily stunned and might not have expected me solve the trouble, and might have expected that I might actually test his theory. He had called his wife and the problem/trouble was over.

This incidence gave a good insight about people to me. And this is the reason I wrote this blog. Why are we so cruel to ourselves, by putting ourselves in an uncomfortable situation, just for the sake of proving that we are right about the consequences of our act? This really sickens me. I have thought so much about this to crack another insight about this. Of course, the insight I got is extremely boring and far fetched to be made as blog easily. Nonetheless, I will anyhow write about it in the future.


Jency said...

Good observation! Most of us do it that way, sometimes not even realizing it!

Satesh Ramadas said...

Your blogs are really refreshing and whenever I read it, I feel I am missing these moments by not being with you...

Gawaskar said...

One good example .
I enjoyed this blog genre :)

amudhan said...

Sadly... Yes :(

You have just escaped from to ordeal of my mokkais... I too miss mokkaing with you...

Thanks :) But this is just a warning for the blog will come soon...

Sindu said...

Hmmm... Is the trait strong enough to be called 'masochism'? I don know. I do understand what you say but more often than not, it could just be plain habitual laziness. For e.g. whenever I go out to my friends' places, my parents expect me to call up after I reach, call up before I start and call up a dozen times in between. I do understand their concern BUT probably deep within, I feel their concern is overboard and unwarranted. So, despite knowing that I am in for BIG lecture, I never call.

I have gotten used to their lectures. I am probably thick-skinned. So, when the punishment for a habit is not great enough, we continue doing the deed. This is probably the case with your friend too.

Oops ...did I make sense? :)

amudhan said...

First of all, I used the title to sound different :)

There is a difference between habitual laziness and willing to get into a fight. When you are not calling your parents, they are not going to engage in a quarrel, but to give a BIG lecture. In case of my friend, with his spouse, it was not just going to be a lecture, but a quarrel.

What would you be thinking when you didn't call? 'I can say I will call hereafter and cool them down' or something like 'you also didn't do [something]' which will cause a friction? Probably the first option right?

When someone know that if they do/don't do something and it will cause a friction, and if their idea of response is 'cooling down' it is okay, but if the idea of response is 'engage in quarrel' then this post applies to them.

Basically, I am sick and tired of couples fighting and almost all of my karththu posts are an attempt to give some sense to them.

I am sure that I didn't make any sense as usual :D