Saturday, March 19, 2011

Completely Imaginary Story

[Disclaimer: This post might contain mild sensual content or obscene language and is not advised for young readers. Readers' discretion is required.]
Starring: He, and She

He was not sure whether 'everything' was alright. It all happened so fast that he couldn't believe that he is going to CCD (the notorious Cafe Cafe day) with his friend, She. Actually, the main thing he was not sure is whether she is just a friend or much much more [notice two much there :)].Having seen a lot of romantic Holywood movies, the moment She asked "Shall we go and have a cup of coffee in CCD?" he built a lot of dreams even when he was awake and he could barely say "Yes".

It was a fact that she also liked him and regarded him much much more than just a friend. Both of them, not having declared their interest, went to the CCD and naturally, though it was the first time both of them were going out with someone, their natural instinct made them to go and choose the two-seat-table in the farthest corner; the table was in the open space, outside the CCD building (of course, inside the CCD boundary) and has a fancy big umbrella to protect people who sit there for several hours from sun during day time.

It was really very embarrassing for him as this was completely new, but it was okay for him as He could clearly see that She is also a bit embarrassed and shy. They ordered some nonsense from the menu card and started talking as the sun set in the west. The professional ethics of CCD was maintained and a junk coffee was given after 30 minutes. For the sake of drinking, both of them had a sip and smiled nervously and placed the coffee in the table and started talking.

Time went by... The moon had come... The cool Bangalore breeze has started to gently lift the mood. He could clearly see the twinkle in her eyes, which said "You still don't know why we are here? You idiot" and the eyes giggled. He didn't know what became of him, but suddenly, He stretched his hand and held her hands which was placed for him for a long time. Seemed like the world had stopped to exist and She had become his world and He had become her world. They stopped talking. Their eyes stopped talking. She closed her eyes slowly. Holding her hand still, he leaned forward closing his eyes as his face was nearing her face.


That may be what He and She was thinking before the last line, but frankly, for me who was passing by by that time through that place, I thought, "Fuck! why don't these people get a room? There should be a strict law for people like these who create public nuisance. You assholes...." denying how pathetic I am to swear people who are living their life; though deep inside secretly happy for those people, but not willing to accept that I am pathetic, not them...


Dobby Severus Salazar said...

lil scary...

amudhan said...

Thanks for the formality 2 to 3 word comment da... :) BTW, what is scary da?

Sindu said...

Oh.. Hmmm. I thought this was going to be another punch climax twist story. :) Especially since you had asked to make note of 'much much' more, I paid super attention to all the 'much' and 'more', thinking they might be a part of the

Good one. Brings to the fore the golden fact that how we conceive things as an outsider might be too prejudiced and judgmental.

prabakaran C said...

I was thinking that guy with girl friend was you till the end.

After completing the blog and few thoughts, Confirmed it's you.

amudhan said...

"Brings to the fore the golden fact that how we conceive things as an outsider might be too prejudiced and judgmental." That is exactly what I wanted to convey from this post. You have proved (again) that you are a brilliant and smart girl by interpreting what I wanted to tell even though I had made a complete mess and a bull star star star star post. Thanks again for your comment.

[had to use your nick name to avoid name conflict]
Praba, you might have got prejudiced by the first part due to the inexperienced aspect of that HE-ro :) but how could you (utter wrongly) confirm it is me even after fully reading it?

prabakaran C said...
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prabakaran C said...

you would have thought in both these guys angle. 'He' and the 'passer-by'. Though u have given that this is an imaginary story, my mind tried to associate one of the characters to you. you had put yourself as the 'Passer-by', which somehow my mind didn't like. so I wanted to judge myself which one would be you. I choose the 'He' for you. This was exactly running in my mind.
How would you consider this as a comment?

amudhan said...

You have nailed it! I also wish I would fall in the 'he' 's life rather than the 'passer-by' 's life :)

May the God fulfill your wishes :D

[This is like an utter unselfish prayer 'God, I don't want anything in my life... all I wish is, my mother should have a beautiful, smart and mature daughter-in-law']