Monday, August 15, 2011

[Don't Say] Happy Independence Day!

I really hate it when people show insincere love or fake care or pretense. It is not their act which sickens me, but the fact that I can't do anything about it. I know that it is fake and they know that I know that and I know that they know that I know that... etc. But still, diplomatically, you have to say 'Thank You' or at least give a fake smile back.

That is the reason I don't like when a lot of people simply say 'Happy Birthday' or 'Happy Diwali' etc. Most of the times, people wish others for diplomatic reasons 'oh... he/she wished me, I have to wish him/her back' or 'he/she wished him/her, so, I should also wish him/her'. Even if only a few people wish you, it should be sincere and it should come from their heart.

At least the other kind of wishes are necessary for the social lubrication, but why fake a 'Happy Independence Day'? How many of the people who say 'Happy Independence Day' really care about it? How many of you are still patriotic? You may like a particular political party (God only knows why) and you are going to vote for them even though you know that they may swindle India if they get a chance. Or you may not even vote.

Army people can say 'Happy Independence Day'. They are patriotic. Children can say 'Happy Independence Day' as they are truly happy about it as they may get toffy. Other facebookers, google+ers, bloggers saying 'Happy Independence Day' is bull shit.

When getting to know about politicians who have 10 or 12 digit number money in foreign country banks, what was your initial thought? "What are they going to do with that much money?", or "I would be happy if I can get a very small portion of that money", or "Bastards/Bitches, they are swindling my country, let them go to hell" I don't know how many will truly think about it from the country's stand point.

I love my country. I love her so much that now I can only pity her or even hate Her that She can't do anything about it and I can't do anything about it. I am not happy or proud the way She is now. She smiles and bestows wealth, fame and fortune even to the people who destroy Her. May the Gods be with her and bless her and give her real independence from the corruption within Her.

 So, if you are going to post 'Happy Independence Day' on your Facebook wall and 'Like' all the girls' similar status and check your mailbox for the old mail titled 'Proud to be an Indian' and send it to all your contacts in BCC and then go and sit in front of the TV (or computer) and spend the rest of the day without giving a damn about the Independence day, please save yourself some 1 or 2 minutes... Don't post that 'H I D' in your wall or send a mail. India is not going to miss your wishes and your contacts definitely are not going to miss your wishes.


Sindu said...

Well, I felt that way too for sometime. Frankly, I have never felt anything on Independence day. Not that I am an anti national traitor but for me , it is just a day...a day that was significant many years back since it changed History. Yet, what matters now is how we deal with what that day has brought us;which is where we are failing miserably. And of course, I am not doing anything about it either.

However,unlike you,I feel hope in seeing all those wishes and postings on this day. Of course, these guys are not thinking twice about it. Yet that exactly is the reason for hope. Because it means people still involuntarily consider the day and in turn the country important. The concept called 'Nation' still means something to them. They might be complacent, foolish..but somewhere within, they are still patriotic..for whatever shallow reasons it might be! The soil is fertile... all we need is the right farmer! :)

Dobby Severus Salazar said...

My sympathies with you. It is sad that I no longer get excited about toffees on I-Day because we no longer go to school. Really, I-Day celebrations and chocolate, sweet should be made mandatory in all workplaces and establishments.

What you think?

But I think it serves one purpose. At least one day in a year, we are reminded of our white masters who screwed us. It's like death anniversary of someone dear. We sadly remind ourselves about that part of our past. So is with I-Day. It reminds something of the past of our nation though we may not have interest in getting reminded, some people insist upon reminding us.

Amudhan said...

First of all, I am very very sorry for such a very delayed reply... The things happening in my life does not let me to spend more time in blogs. Please accept my sincere apologies.

I hope and wish are right... may be very involuntarily, subconsciously, there is a bit of patriotism in everyone who says 'Happy Independence'

:) Yes... that was one thing I remember as a kid... these national holidays means toffees... and may be it is an attempt to plant patriotism in kids? But seriously... if they give toffees in our offices, there will be a mail thread making fun of this action... we may expect more money or something bigger... definitely not a toffee...

'we may not have interest' should be 'we don't have interest'... sadly...