Monday, July 11, 2011

Tamyl MaDrimony

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I didn't think I would be ready and willing to take the risk, but recently after my friends have either got married or gone to US, I have started to feel somewhat lonely and confused. I was out of mood for few days and I told one of my other friends about this. That wise guy replied, "It is time you have to start to look for marriage alliance. I too felt the same when my close friends got married, but trust me, you will get over this in two weeks." [The same thing which I had discussed about an year ago in this post.]

So, after some embarrassing moments I told my father to start looking for a bride and consequently, my matrimonial profile was created. It was quite exciting, I have to agree. That day, I told my friend that I am in a mixed feeling and showed my profile. He saw that and told me, the "'about you' is not selling... because my profile had sports and technical interest there... I started to browse through other profiles. There were so many profiles and one of the profiles seemed charming, and strangely, the details given were in accordance with my interest; and the expectation of the profile was matching my profile.

Immediately, the negative chain of thought started its duty by telling/thinking, 'no... the girl looks very beautiful... they will not give yellow+blue to you... bla...' and is defended by the positive chain of thoughts 'why not? you are a good person, you earn well and you also look handsome...bla bla [don't mind that guy... he will tell/think anything to make me feel better ;)]' Anxiety, excitement, angst, fear, the two minds, kept me awake very late that I even started to starve and had to cook dosa and have it at 3 AM.

The next day, I pinged my [another friend] and told him 'started to look for a bride and this is my profile description, please give me your feedback'. He has some experience with the sites and profiles as he had used it for two of his brothers and himself. Even before he gave feedback about the description, he said, "It does not matter what you have in the profile". I was confused and asked him why. He said, "I have tried bride-searching for three persons as of now and everyone got married by friend's/relative's contacts and none of us got an alliance through these sites.

Wow... that was a big honest feedback. He explained as to how he is positive that bride-searching through the sites is not going to help/happen. He then formally welcomed me to the 'bride-searching paradigm' where you start to look for an alliance and you will get married after an year or two. Suddenly everything was clear. The excitement hit the low ground like tan(90). So, in my case, I didn't need two weeks to get over the excitement, but just a five minutes chat and wisdom from my friend was enough.

The next day, I was able to sleep peacefully and splendidly. Cia la vie.


Jency said...

Everyone shares their experience aka wisdom and you choose what to believe. Myself and lot of my friends got our alliances through sites whereas an equally no. of other friends got through contacts. For some it was just by accidental meeting on the road/plane and what not. So, in my experience, if its your girl she is gonna just show up just out of nowhere by any of the above means,or she might be always around and it suddenly stuck you that she was the one....To summarize just chill and enjoy your bachelor life till you find right one....damn those married friends or those NRIed ;)

Sindu said...

LOL. Congrats... ore bride hunting and all. Shouldn't you have put a link for your profile on your blog ;). I agree with Jency. Someone out there is already destined for you and it is immaterial which medium is going to work. It is only a question of when it is meant to happen. :)

Amudhan said...

Thanks for your comment and your precious wisdom :) Of all the means you mentioned, I think I stand a chance only with the first two. The accidental meeting, and everything else can only happen in movies and fantasies.

Also, the intention of my post was to describe how the excitement occurs and how it is subsided by reality... which is just against the every other means... ;)

Yes... damn those married friends and NRIeds... :D

There are only about 10 people who read my blog and what is the use of linking the profile in it :) ?

It really takes the pressure off to think/believe that someone is already destined for everyone... It would be even better if we also know the answer for the question 'when' :D

Thanks for your comment Sindu!

Shyam said...

Glad that you came out of your excitement so soon. "All the very best" for your future :-).

After all what is life without these kind of excitements.
Enjoy this moment.

Nice picture.:-)

Amudhan said...

Thanks for your wishes and your comment... There is a link to the owner of the picture and the site from which I downloaded it, just below the picture.

prabakaran C said...

through site, or through contacts. It would not happen until one of the both side takes an initiative to finish the marriage within 3 or 6 months. Both side should not depend on the 100% decision from "bride" or "groom"( which would happen only in love marriage). Unless both doesn't have any reason to reject each other,they should go ahead and fix the date.