Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Rise And Fall Of A Love - A Truly Imaginary Story!

I can never forget that day. It is the day I felt that darkness will prevail in my entire future. It is that day I felt like a part of my heart is ripped off. It is that day I felt excruciating pain without even being touched by anyone or being beaten by a broom. I was not poisoned but I felt my vision was blurring and I was going to die.

But, nothing happened. She left me without any reason. How could she even do such things like that. Before she left, she could have killed me. That would have made things easier for me. But our love is true. I will never doubt that. After the day she left me, she told me what happened to her through... I don't know... how will you call that... did I dream it? or did she tell that through what you call telepathy?

I don't want to investigate further. It was a dream or telepathy. I got answers... that too from her. I felt like, I saw her in real. I still could feel the depth of melancholy that was present in her tears when she told me. May be it is real. Or may be it is a dream. She told that, out of a sudden she was pushed into a complete darkness, and she couldn't realize what happened and the next day, she was in some other place. Who could have kidnapped her? Or she is dead and this was just a dream?

Whatever it may be, she did not leave me. She did not betray me. She was still in love with me. And I am sure, if she is still alive, she would be thinking only about me. Just imagine how horrible it would be for her... to be blindfolded and be kidnapped by some ruthless humans. She told me about how she really felt when that incident happened. I pray God that it should not happen to anyone. Not at least those who are being loved to the deepest possible level.

Why do I have to remember that day today? I wanted to forget that day for an year. Now, today, I am made to remember that day because I am forced into the same situation. Suddenly the day became dark and I am completely wrapped. Bull Shit. It should be again the merciless humans. I don't know who gave the humans the rights to kidnap and transfer innocent, harmless, cockroaches like me? God curse them!

PS: I wrote the story on behalf of the cockroaches which are being packed when we shift the house. One of my friends, went to Korea and when he had unpacked, a cockroach had run out of his suitcase. It was funny to hear.

APS: Recently, we shifted the house. And I was sure, we would have packed several cockroaches with our packages. When we were packing, I drafted this story. I know... I know... it is the junkest of all the blogs you would have ever read. But I just wanted to write stories like my room mate, Vijay, which I know is very tough. By the way, it is him who had kidnapped the cockroach to Korea :)

YAPS: To know how much I hate cockroaches, please click here. Since I was portraying a cockroach I talked about being beaten by a broom or being poisoned in the first paragraph. Don't know how many felt bizarre about those sentences. Also, APS = Another PS and YAPS = Yet APS.


Vijesh said...

Nalla kuduthinga build up. But it was good before the P.S. :P

vijay said...

good work da. u can aswell remove the PS.