Monday, February 15, 2010


[This post is NOT recommended for less-than-18-years old readers. Also, this is not recommended for sensitive people. Readers' greatest discretion is required.]

I hate all the special days like friendship-day, brothers-day, sisters-day, mothers-day, fathers-day etc. and the top of my hatred list is this bloody valentines-day. While the reason I hate the other days are simply (the cliched) 'these days are just marketing strategy to make people spend. They are you friends, brothers, sisters all days. You don't have to create junk traffic in the internet or gift costly cards to prove it'. But this Valentine's day, I hate it because of another reason (not just because I don't have anyone ;))

It is because, the current trend of love(?) and how much build-up is given by media about it. Seeing, and hearing about how things are going on in this crooked world makes me doubtful of what the hell the word 'love' means in this world. Of course, there is no (2 marks) definition that states, 'Love is nothing but...'. It is so projected that 'love' is the cheapest (both by price and the intrinsic value) thing in the world.

Look at the advertisements (boy... I want to write a separate blog about the advertisements)... it only makes me feel that this modern-day-love is despicable. IMHO more than 90% of the 'I love you' means 'hey, you look sexy... and I want to have an affair with you... but this half-baked western culture will only deem us as lowly people if we just have an affair. So, for now, I will say that we are in love... we will get as much intimate as possible... and lets see what happens after that'.

I don't know how many of 'I love you' even think about the life after 2 or 3 years. It is just like how marriage is a license for living/dying till you die, 'I love you' is just a license for living for a short time (or till the marriage with someone else). And to even think of what such 'I love you' has its objective as, only makes me more and more loathing about it. And there are so many different ways to get hold of someone to say that and take advantage of. I can write a blog about that also, but it would only be too disturbing and despicable.

And this Valentine's day is just an excuse for these kinds of lowly activities. The amount of hype given to this is too much. And to the height of all this nauseating things, even BSNL sends sms like 'Find beautiful girls to talk to who are willing and bold. SMS to this number.' (something like that). WTF? The Valentine's day is used by the people who want to say 'I love you' (in the above meaning) but couldn't; to say that, or for people who have already said that to get more physical, or for people who are already in the peak of things to get separated to find someone new.

Don't mistake me here. Don't be seething with rage. I am not against 'love', in fact I love 'love' :) and only because of that I cant digest the injustice that is done to it by the name of this stupid day. I have seen people who are truly in love. I have seen people who are so much in love that can only be seen in movies or read in novels. I respect them. I respect their love. So, IMHO, love is either holy or bullshit (holy-shit could have been more rhyming :) ). I respect if that is the first case and I loath if it is the later. You are now free to tear me into pieces with your comments.

[I wanted to post it yesterday (on Valentine's day), but couldn't complete it, so posting today.]


Sindu said...

Okay... it is now my turn to say that I was seriously planning to publish a note on similar lines. Looks like you beat me this time :)

By the way, what is love? You seem to detest the trend of short term affairs but really, whats the difference? Though we see it as shallow, when you like a person, whatever the silly reason is (looks or money etc), we still feel the same undeniable attraction that one in mature love does. Only, in the latter, there is an understanding that came with time. Yet the start of both the paths were the same.

Why should someone think of 2 or 3years in advance when falling in love? Do long term love affairs last because of a sense of duty or a real sense of intimacy? Is it better to move on due to bad compatibility or stick on for ethics?

I know this is not really your topic.. but the thing is , I couldnt grasp the point of your topic since so many questions came to my mind. Perhaps because you keep mentioning love w/o detailing what love is.

amudhan said...

I can explain what I really hate, but again, it would only be too disturbing and disgusting. I had been writing this post for more than 10 days. I had to edit/cut a lot of things as they are quite blatant and disturbing.

If there is at least some level of sincerity in falling in love, it is okay. But telling 'I love you' ONLY to get physical access is what I hate about. I had known few guys whose only purpose in life is to 'pick up' (that is how they call it) girls in the name of love (and the girls would also be willing in such an affair; yes, it is horrible, but sadly true) to do time pass (in as many obscene way as possible). That is the thing I hate most. It is those kind of people who use these kind of days to their advantage.

People who are really in love may also be overwhelmed in joy in that day, they can feel love, then can enjoy love. It is okay with me (I am talking as though I giving them my permission ;)). You don't have to have plans for the rest of your life when you are falling in love. You just have to be sincere.

'sticking to ethics' and living a horrible life till death is a curse, IMHO. If you feel that it is NOT possible at all to live by any means, if you feel that there is no love involved in a relationship, it is better to Fasttrack*.

I can't define/detail what love is. I am not an eligible person to give an explanation for such a huge wonderful phenomenon.

About winning in the race of who posts first, I am really sorry about it. You would have done a better job in writing about this. But I warned you right? :) I can also predict some of your future posts, which are in my draft. So, be fast :)

*Fasttrack motto is 'Its time to move on' :)

Vijesh said...

Can you recollect and tell me what you did the last Republic day and Independence day?

amudhan said...

I really don't understand the metaphor of your question :). But to answer your question, I didn't do anything specific. I simply whiled away my time :)

Vijesh said...

I did the same too on those days. So why bother about V-day alone. Why become nosy about it! Just ignore one such days or associate it numerous other things that happened on that date. :)

amudhan said...

Two reasons why I wrote about this day.

1) If I write about how higher officials do all bad things and celebrate the Independence and Republic day, I may be in risk.

2) Even if I write about it, it wont be interesting. People wont read it. Yet another lame marketing strategy :)

There may be some other reasons, which I may NOT want to disclose ;)

Shan said...

Love panravanga ellam Purujukittu valanumnu illa... Purunjukittu pirinchalum love thaan... More over Love doesn't issue the license to hold the person life long... It just happens... You can neither stop it nor take it...


Prabakar said...

So you say getting involved in an affair(only for physical) in the name of love is what you don't like.

Or such people celebrating v-day is what you don't like?

What these people do may not be relevant to the so called "Love" or the so called "Valentines Day".

But, as long as it doesn't harm anyone, when it happens with the consent of both parties involved, even if they do just for short term fun, even if it is not real love, even if they celebrate V-day together, even if they change their partners too often and getting on with same kind of affair, I don't see any reason to hate such people ;-)

If you say, it's like cheating your future spouse, then I will say these people are not bad people. But their future spouses are mad people if they think these people are bad people.

If I need to explain this in detail, that would be like throwing some inappropriate ancient dung on your blog.

Just like "Egg came first or Chicken came first?" there is one more question. "Love came first or Lust came first?"

PS: Please remove word verification, if at all possible, from your comments page.

amudhan said...

Mudiyala... :)

I understand that likes and dis-likes are completely individual persons' take. What is right and what is wrong is also individual's perspective.

I am not telling that people shouldn't do things like that. I have no rights to tell like that. I just wanted to express that I don't like people using 'love' for screwing. It may be okay with you. I don't complain about that.

Praba, I understand what you tell. If both the parties are okay with it and enjoy it, it is not a big deal, is what you say right? Hmm... I don't know whether it is okay or not... and I definitely don't want to express what I feel about it in this section of the post.

Please don't give me the ancient dung line :). In ancient time (not in India, but in a neighbor country), killing a woman was not considered as crime, you know that? Can we take that as a bench mark? In ancient time all kind of immoral unethical things had happened. We can't tell that as an example and do that.

You can ask me next 'what is immoral and unethical things' it will again go to a cliched debate :)

Also, this post is not about the (cliched) "love or lust". In fact, this post is not about anything, it is just my blabbers :)

So, what I would like to tell is, I don't like somethings, which may be okay (or even good) for someone.

About word verification, is it unbearable? The moment I remove the word verification, I get so much of junk comments. I open eagerly to see what it is, and get disappointed. So only da. If it is absolutely unbearable for readers, I will take the pain and remove the word verification.

Gawaskar said...

Your views are purely based on morality .As we always know the morality is not a constant.Every generation have their own moral laws and we live within that so that the society will have proper functioning without much conflicts.I entirely agree and accept your hatred of love that is leading to love.
To be open from my point of view ,your view is the same as some polical parties and you stopped in blogging and they continue in violence.
My apologies if my comment are unfriendly.

amudhan said...

First of all, your comments are NOT unfriendly. The more frank and honest it is, the better it will be and more helpful it will be to me. (once, my friend posted a one line comment [no comments... and no thanks...] for one of my junk posts. I pinged him and asked what he really felt and he said 'you post sucks and it is pathetic' :). I requested him to post that comment instead. I value what my friends really think about.)

About political parties, I don't know about it. Politics is the last thing I will discuss in my blog. And violence in one thing I disgust most.

I agree that morality and ethics keep changing and some people stay back as conservatives :) while others want to stick to the current trend.

Gawaskar said...

I entirely agree and accept your hatred of love that is leading to lust.
That a very good thing to accept criticisation.
If we understand things means we are moving :)

amudhan said...

I understood that it was a typo. But again, since you tell it specifically, I have to explain some more. I don't hate love leading to lust. Love and Lust are like Yin and Yang, Moon and Sun, birth and death. They are always together. It is the balance. Love leading to lust or lust leading to love is not what I wanted to discuss in this blog.

To put in one-line of what I wanted to tell: 'I don't like people whose only intention is to #$@% using the name of love. I wouldn't mind (but not accept) if they tell openly about that and continue their pursuit'. Now, don't tell me that I had used two lines :)

I am sorry that all the comments were huge. I apologize to the followers of the comments. But it was nice to know friends' opinions.

Prabakar said...

I never thought this blog would provoke so much ideas. But anyways, thanks to all those big commenters. And keep the word verification. I thought you chumma enabled it. My bad. If you get junk comments through automated softwares, it means that you are getting lot of attention and you are hell of a blogger. This is another evidence :)

amudhan said...

En indha retha veri? You know what my actual reply would be for your comment :)

Sindu said...

Waiting for another horrible movie to start writing something? :)

amudhan said...

@Sindu: There is something big and unexpected in making... will surely be posted before March ends... ;)