Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kisses - Inspired by a true incident

[This post is not advisable for everyone because of very mild sensuality in the content. Readers discretion is required.]

She was not there in the office for three months. He didn't miss her at all. After all, they were just colleagues. In fact, he didn't even realize that she was not in the office. She has returned from US, after a short on-site opportunity. He came to know that she is back in office only by a personal mail from her to him.

He couldn't believe that she even had him in her mind and he was thoroughly excited to read her mail. He ran to her place. Stood there silently for a second. Thousands of thoughts were running in his mind. Though it is a tall cubicle, people passing by can easily see what anyone does in the cubicle. When he was making up his mind as to what he has to say, she gave him kisses!

Should he be extremely happy? or should he be disappointed by her attitude? He doesn't like such people, but, who cares? This is the first ever time he is tasting kisses. She looked into his eyes. It was an intense look and he couldn't take it anymore. With her eyes she asked him 'want anymore?'. But, he needed time. It is going to take a lot of time for him to digest what had just happened.

He left the place without telling anything. He was very angry on her in one millisecond and was very happy the next millisecond. He said 'thanks' after walking some 5 feet. He heard her giggling. Gosh, he was blushing... he should have talked to her face to face.

He came silently and slowly to his place and told his team mates what had happened. They also ran to her place and got two kisses each. When they all met, one of his friends told, "Man... what is she thinking she is doing? She was there in US for three months and got only the cheap kisses chocolate? It is bull shit man. At least she should have got some snickers or bar chocolate".

[PS: The total time taken to conceive the idea and finish this post was about 30 minutes. Please forgive me for the shallow character development and junk ending and a junk post.]


Sindu said...


Firstly, the idea was brilliant! The kind of statements formed in order to make sense both ways of the story .. well, that is not easy... and u have tackled that feat with a lot of creative tact!

However I feel the statement 'she gave him kisses' kind of gave away the hint on ur intentions :). Coz usually, we say 'she kissed him' - thts the most common way to convey the expression. 'She gave him a kiss' is also a common usage. But, when u twisted it to say she 'gave' him kiss(es), the oddity in the expression revealed something fishy and one cld predict the crux (or have i gotten over smart? :D)

Anyways, I dont think it could have been done any other way. Nice!

Jency said...

@amudhan: sindhu is perfectly right. nice plot! The joke with "kisses" is very much common in our office, she gave him kisses or he gave her kiss is wat we normally say when someone gets those chocolates from onsite. When you mentioned "onsite" only i got the rest of the story. but that hadn't undermined the interest in reading your narration anyway! good storytelling, but i would still vote the former story abt gng to the wrong cubicle much higher :)

Sharath. said...

Nice story sir

Anonymous said...

pangali, en indha kola veri !

vijay said...

amu, not long back kisses were not a very famous choc. but its so common, atleast in IT everybody knows it.
Though the theme didnot impress much, the narration has done its part as always. Good story.

When he was making up _my_ mind as to ...
>> is this becos of 30min post?

amudhan said...

@Sindu, Jency, Vijay:
Thanks for commenting on this post. I knew that this was not a good plot and that hardly anyone would get surprised by the climax. But honestly I didn't know about the jokes around the 'kisses' chocolate (at least not in my friends' circle we used this joke). As I told in my previous post about 'Quitting the blogging', I was in an urgent need of writing a lot of posts to schedule and this incident happened and I made a post out of it... Be warned that the next couple of posts will also be pretty lame :) Thanks for your support...

Thanks Sharath...

Summa dhaan chithappu ;)

@Vijay (again):
This one, I had written with 'I' for 'he' then later changed all the 'I' to he. In one place, I had missed changing the my to 'his'... thanks Vijay... I will change it...