Sunday, April 04, 2010

Quitting this Cruel Blogging!

===== It Was =====

I can not handle the pressure. No way. I can't. I was happy when the number of people who read my blog was reasonable (around 5 to 6, which included my father, occasionally my sister, myself, and couple of my close friends who were trying to find a reason to fight with me and get away from me.), but recently, it has increased tremendously to a very high number (around 8 to 10). Because of this, I am in a constant pressure.

And this blogging has become quite addictive and cruel. I missed a bus, I wanted to write about it. Someone told something casually, I wanted to write about it. Someone sneezed, I wanted to write about it. Someone didn't sneeze and I wanted to write about it. It has become out of my control. I realized that I am wasting a lot of my office hours in reading/responding to my/others blogs/comments. It does not seem good, especially, when the appraisal is around the corner ;).

So, I have decided that I wont visit and also (any) The only way this can be controlled is, to take a stubborn decision that I wont write/read any new blogs/comments. Even if not permanently, at least for a short time. But if I stop writing, suddenly it will imbalance the happiness quotient in the world as certain people will become ecstatic from being relieved from my blogs and the God may become angry on me :). So, what can I do?

Suddenly, the 40 watts bulb above my head started glowing. Gotcha! The only solution is, I will write some blogs for the next 3 months and schedule them and then take an decision that I will NEVER visit and!!! Fantastic, right?. Of course, I will moderate the comments and publish them (if I get any) through gmail. I will reply to the comments ONLY if it asks any question or calls for an argument (it is very rude if I don't reply to a comment which asks a question/argument, so I will come to my blogspot and reply to it). Please be assured that my thanks and gratitude will be there for every single comment you post.

See you all my dear friends after June. I will catch up with all the blogs you fantastic bloggers post in the mean time.
I can give you a hint that blogs will be posted on 10th and 20th of March and 1st, 11th and 21st of April and 2nd, 12th and 22nd of May. The topics (need not be in the order) are: Conversation With A Friend, Completely Imaginary Love Story, நான் புடிச்சமுயலுக்கு அஞ்சு காலு, My Top 10 Tamil Old Songs, Mothers' Love Vs Fathers' Love II, I Love My Children, Story - Based on a true incident, and Demo of a Demo, Kisses. Since all these posts were written in a very short time without much thinking, they may NOT be like my other posts... who knows, they may even be good for a change ;)


===== It Is =====

'I will not visit blogger or blogspot for several months' is a stupid decision and I think it will be impossible. Blogging is a part of my life. Even if not a small part, at least a minute part. So, what I had decided is, I will not access these sites during office time, at any cost. The posts I have written previously will be posted one by one at regular intervals. If I get a new idea or topic I have to write about, I will inject it. Thanks!


Dobby Severus Salazar said...

Nothing escapes your blogging? Even about quitting blogging, eh? :)

Anyway, the upcoming scheduled blog list is tremendous....

Anonymous said...

Nalla Plan..

I came to know few Hollywood movies from ur review. Please continue

One more thing came to mind after reading this, few sayings

1.Kudikaran pechu pozthu viduncha pochu
2.Adina Kallum Padina Vayaum suma irrukathu